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Contact Information:

KML Program Coordinator & Environmental Scientist IV
Beth Williams
Phone: 859-257-6230
Toll-Free: 800-859-6006
(Monitored 8 am-4 pm M-F)


KML Assistant Program Director 
Michael Ammerman
UK Dept. of Forestry and Natural Resources
Phone: 859-257-0580

KML Program Director & Forestry Specialist:
Dr. Jeffrey W. Stringer
UK Dept. of Forestry and Natural Resources

The Kentucky Master Logger Program is designed to enhance the logger’s ability to operate efficiently within the framework of constantly changing environmental and safety regulations.

Master Logger Office Accepting Credit Cards

The Master Logger Office now accepts Visa and Mastercard for payment for its programs. Please call 859-257-6230 to pay with a credit card

Attention Bad Actors

Bad Actors who have not paid their civil penalties or completed all site remediation must notify the appropriate Division of Forestry regional prior to beginning a timber harvest. 402 KAR 3:050

Water Maps - How to Find Protected Streams

Water Maps is a website developed by the Kentucky Division of Water to assist foresters and loggers in locating streams and rivers in Kentucky that need special protection. Click here to visit the website.

Special streams and rivers are called Exceptional Use Waters and include:

  • Wild Rivers: recreational rivers where logging must adhere to special provisions as far as the eye can see from the river up to 2000 feet away
  • Cold Water Aquatic Habitat (CAH): commonly referred to as trout streams where special Streamside Management Zones are required
  • Outstanding State Resource Waters (OSRW): high quality waters that are monitored periodically
  • Outstanding State Resource Waters Threatened/Endangered Listed Species (OSRW T/E): streams and rivers containing federally listed threatened or endangered species   
    Note: some streams and rivers may be listed as both OSRW and CAH

Kentucky Forest Transportation Cost Estimator

To find out your transportation costs, click here.

Emergency Personnel Location Route Finder

To comply with regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), logging firms are required to provide emergency plans prior to the start of ground operations. These plans include access routes and directions from logging sites to emergency personnel locations (EPL), such as hospitals, police stations, and fire stations. 

This web-based application is designed to generate least-travel-time routes from EPL to any logging site within the state of Kentucky.  Click here to vist the webpage.