Regulations are now in effect that offers individuals the opportunity to apply for a ‘Temporary Master Logger’ card.  The purpose is to allow the applicant the ability to work while waiting to attend a 3-day program that is to be held within the four-month temporary period. To apply for this card, fill out the Temporary Master Logger Form. Fill out and submit to the KML office with the appropriate fees listed on the form.

READ AND PAY STRICT ATTENTION TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE TEMPORARY CARD before submitting the form for a temporary status.

A person who wishes to be designated a Kentucky temporary master logger shall:
1.  Submit a Kentucky Temporary Master Logger Form and pay the $135 application fee ($85 per class plus $50 temporary fee).
2. The applicant must register for a program to be held within four months from the application date. The schedule is listed on the form.
3.  The applicant may also register for a reciprocal program in another state as long it falls within the four-month period.  Proof of their registration is required.
4.  The Kentucky temporary master logger designation will expire four months from the date of issuance and no renewal shall be issued.
5.  A person can receive only one Kentucky temporary master logger designation in his/her lifetime.
6.  The logger or operator of a timber harvesting operation who uses a Kentucky temporary master logger shall, prior to beginning harvest, notify the appropriate local district office of the Kentucky Division of Forestry of each operation on which the temporary master logger will be on-site and in charge.
7.  The temporary master logger designation can be revoked if the logger or operator fails to notify the Division of Forestry, or if harvesting has already started on the operation before notification.